Reminded of my mortality and unnerved, I shift awkwardly on the bench. Forced to think about things I would rather not. Painful and occasionally embarrassing flash backs flitter across my eyes with the candle light. Memories of things lost, not yet begun, of lives cut short. Heated panic rushes up my back, a multisensory response to the music of The Magic Lantern.

Warmed by lyrics that draw attention to core values; friendship, love, giving, family, and by light phrases on the guitar I become distracted from my now comfortable melancholic state. The venue, Tripspace in Hackney, is crowded, adding to the intimacy of the set as Jamie Doe effortlessly builds a merry rapport with his audience.

Becoming absorbed by the music I hardly notice the thundering of trains overhead and the incessant whir of the air conditioning units. These sounds along with the music lull me into a meditative state. In my almost overwhelmingly melancholic response, I feel the closeness of the space and the flickering lantern light. It amazes me how much Jamie can achieve with just a guitar and vocals.

Check out the lantern for yourself here: