A new venue for the increasingly popular Woodburner live music events. The black underground space creates a claustrophobic sensation a contrast to their summer gigs at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, with its open sky and those at Chats Palace with its parquet flooring. Still the Courtyard Theatre makes its unique stamp! on this Woodburner gig.

Entering this new space there is a sense of confusion, some sitting, some standing. Gwennie and the Old Accord began an initially uncomfortable set. The acoustics of the Courtyard Theatre resulted in even the most hushed of conversations becoming a mounting cacophony, voices amplified and carrying further. Layered on this hubbub was the incessant hushing and shushing of disgruntled listeners.

Gwennie and the Old Accord wrestled with the confusion and noise. Battling an almost unruly audience that gradually succumbed to their pounding rhythms and chilling harmonies. They call to ear Mumford & Sons and the Fleet Foxes, the most mainstream of folk, but by no means fall into this ‘mainstream’ caption. A percussion effects pedal manipulated by the multitasking guitarist generates a thirst for movement encouraging you to run and never look back. Alongside this straightforward percussion was the more abstract. A cheese grater, bubble wrap, and ‘traditional’ instruments all worked in playful ways. Adding an element of humour and amazement.

Lending a french feel to the music is the accordion. I am reminded me of Les Négresses Vertes, who I listened to obsessively throughout my adolescence. Gwennie and the Old Accord also feel like a familial unit, a particularly successful one on producing varied and dynamic music with a steady constant core.

Have a listen, you’ll find yourself smiling:

Gwennie and the Old Accord. https://soundcloud.com/gwendolen-chatfield

Mumford & Sons http://www.mumfordandsons.com/

Fleet Foxes http://fleetfoxes.com/

Les Négresses Vertes http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/d9968436-64d6-4a33-85e8-7f4fcfa78d63

Also check out more about the Woodburner here :


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